This is Montescano

a new nation project located on four strips of land. Our objective is promoting the Christian Trinitarian Faith, the Dutch culture and the principles of hereditary monarchy.

What is Montescano?

The Principality of Montescano is a "new nation project"  and socio-cultural project based on the ideals of Christianity, Dutch culture and hereditary monarchy. It was created in early 2019 by HH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy and Lord Christoffer van Goedeweg-Achterbergen as an alternative to mob rule with democracy and republicanism and so-called "liberal values". Our rejection of republicanism places the monarch in a position with the important burden of the actual care and well being of his subjects.


Montescano has numerous participants ("subjects") hailing from countries such as Slovakia, the US, Great Britain, the Netherlands and many others, working towards the growth of Montescano utilizing their skills in the fields of law, IT, journalism and numerous other sets. While the easiest way to become a Subject is to life on the territory of the Principality, one can become a non-residential Subject as well, however it should be noted that non-residential subjectship is only granted to individuals who can motivate how they will help the Principality grow.