About Montescano

a new nation project located on four strips of land. Our objective is promoting the Christian Trinitarian Faith, the Mediterranean culture and the principles of hereditary monarchy.

Montescano, officially the Principality of Montescano (Latin: Principatus Montescano, German: F├╝rstentum Montescano), is a landlocked state that claims sovereignty over numerous small strips of land. The Principality formally declared independence on 29 May 2019. While claiming to be a sovereign state, it is commonly referred to as a micronation or new nation project.

Montescano is an absolute monarchy, under the rule of the Sovereign Prince. The government of Montescano is defined according to the Statute of 2019. The hierarchy of Montescano is divided into the Monarch, the Princely Family, the Chancellor, the Landtag and the Montescanesque Nobles.

The Sovereign Prince is the highest authority in the Principality, he can approve and enact ordinances and acts of the Landtag. The Landtag is a legislative body that serves as the advisory body to the Monarch, it consists of the Counts of the Principality and all appointed Secretaries.

The main form of first-level administrative subdivision in Montescano is the county. Counties are intended to encompass any Montescanesque territories, whether contiguous or not, resting within the same square mile of land and water. In counties where not all territory is contiguous, each portion of land is a barony, with smaller territories being grouped together to form baronies. Every permanently populated barony is considered a municipality, and may enact its own local laws through a direct vote of its residents or the Baron.