General information about Montescano

Facts & figures are listed here

Country name

  • Conventional long form: Principality of Montescano
  • Conventional short form: Montescano


  • 8 residential Subjects
  • 3 non-residential Subjects (status being granted by Princely Ordinance or by annexation of a previous "new nation project")

Political information

  • Government type: Absolute Monarchy
  • Capital: Barony of Waterland
  • Administrative divisions:  Counties (first level), Marches and Baronies (second level)
  • Independence: 29 May 2019

Cultural information

  • Nationality: Montescanesque
  • Religion: Trinitarian (Chalcedonian) Christianity
  • Currency: Florin (ƒ)
  • Languages: English (Official), French (Diplomatic), Greek, Dutch, Slovakian (Regional)