History of Our Principality

Nihil sine Deo — Nothing without God

Having been a member of such entities previously, HSH the Sovereign Prince, Lord von Drakon and Lord Çakar decided to create what is called a new nation project. While recognizing the impossibility of being recognized by any member of the United Nations, it was decided that Montescano would primarilly be a cultural, social and political project. It was officially declared independent on the 29th of May 2019 by HSH the Sovereign Prince and the same day the "Statute" was passed and accepted by HSH the Sovereign Prince, Lord von Drakon and Lord Çakar.

In June 2019 the main basis of a new "country" was made: the Flag, Coat of Arms, Princely standards, national anthem and many other symbols. According to the Statute, HSH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy (Dionisiy T.) was proclaimed the Monarch and Lord von Drakon and Lord Çakar became Count of Hinterbergen and Count of Nordhorn respectively.


The idea of claiming an "unclaimed land plot" (Terra nullius) was soon swept away due to it being impossible to physically excerise control over the land claims, which constrasts with the Montevideo convention on statehood. After numerous lengthy deliberations it was decided that numerous small private land plots owned by the founders were being claimed. 

Not much later, the Statute was amended and the Principality now had numerous square kilometers of territory on the European continent.