Nobility of Montescano

Noblesse oblige in the twenty-first century.

NB: Montescanesque titles are not "real" noble titles. They can not be used outside of the Montescanesque community or the larger "new nation" community.

The Montescanesque nobility is a status group holding numerous specific privileges, such as but not limited to Using a Coat of Arms (granted by the House of Nobility), the right to wear a sword and the right to being heard by the Monarch. Two categories among the nobility may be distinguished, the Landed nobility, holding titles connected to certains lands and the Peerage which are ceremonial titles granted for merit.

In the Principality the titles of Marquis (Illustrious Highness), Count (Illustrious Highness), Baron (Honourable) and Baronet (Sire/Dame) exist, with 8 individuals having been granted titles. Wives of Nobles are awarded the same ranks as the holder, while husbands of female nobles not having similar rank. Children of a noble are granted the courtesy style of "Lord/Lady Forename Surname".