Factions legalized; first faction established

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Factions legalized; first faction established

11 December 2019

The Council of State has approved the "Political factions act", allowing members of the council to create political factions (voluntary association of subjects or residents based on ideology, similar to political parties) and regulating their operations. This permits political organisation among Council Members, although subjects and residents who do not hold that office are prohibited from joining or creating factions. Factions following problematic ideologies, such as atheism, republicanism or socialism, are prohibited under the act with the punishment of exile for its members.

The act itself mentions the justification of the decision, stating "fostering of greater competitiveness among the Council of State and institutionalise political movements to prevent extra-parliamentary organisation." Some have theorized that this move is a step towards holding competitive elections within Montescano.

The act was passed with 4 approvals and no opposition or abstention.

After the act was ratified by His Serene Highness, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lord Çakar, Marquis of Fürstenberg-Berry, and Grand Pensionary Lord von Drakon, Marquess of Asenovgrad, announced the creation of the first political faction known as the Optimates. The faction, named after the historical ancient Roman political faction, follows an ideology of monarchism, feudalism, Imperium and reactionism.