Manorial act passed by Landtag

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Manorial act passed by Landtag

20 November 2019

The Landtag of has passed an act establishing the status of Manor ("Heerlijkheid") and defining their types and administration. The act declares that Manors shall be (inherited) division of a Barony in the countryside, under the local jurisdiction of the Lord of the Manor (or "Heer").

The three classes of land for Manors have been described by the act as Demense, Dependent and Free land. There shall be three types of Manor themselves, each with a varying degree of self-governorance, which are: High Manors (Hoge Heerlijkheid), Free Manors (Vrije Heerlijkheid) and ordinary Manors. Unlike ordinary Manors, Free Manors have their own legislative and judicial powers within the framework and respect of His Serene Highness' law and their lord is directly a vassal of Him rather than a baron. High Manors have all the powers of Free Manors, with the addition of the power to administer capital punishment. In addition to establishing administrative guidelines, the act sets Lords of Manors place within the rankings of the nobility and the styling of their title and address.

The passage of the act was well-recieved in the Landtag, with Chancellor Lord Krishtof von Drakon, Marquess of Asenovgrad,  calling it a "triumph of feudalism." The act passed without any opposition, with 3 supporting votes to 2 abstains.