Naming and forms of address Act passed

National news

Naming and forms of address Act passed

26 January 2020

The Council of State has unanimously passed the "Naming and forms of address Act" by nine votes in support with no opposition or abstention. The Act defines the new naming system of Montescano along East Slavic conventions and sets the forms of address for both nobles and non-nobles, as well as requiring all citizens have names of East Slavic origin.

The new naming system follows the convention of a first name, patronymic and surname. Citizens with first names and surnames of non-Eastern Slavic origin must find a new name, either one with same meaning or a new East Slavic name. Those with names of Western and Southern Slavic shall have their name modified appropiately. All citizens have three weeks to set their new names.

The Montescanin forms of address are also set. Non-nobles will be addressed as follows formally: Mister for men, Misses for married women or Mademoiselle for non-married women. Nobles will be addressed as either Lord or Lady depending on their gender.

The Act is part of the cultural reforms which began after Montescano's return to its Pavlovian Rus' heritage.