New faction created by Viscount of Royan

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New faction created by Viscount of Royan

27 January 2020

Following the passage of the "Political faction reform act", Lord Mar D'Israeli, Viscount of Royan, Secretary of the Princely Mint and owner of 33% of shares within the Vorstelijke Mar D'Israeli van Royan Bank, has taken the decision to establish Montescano's second political faction. Known as "Pavlovian Strength", the faction promotes a renewal of Pavlovianness and opposes reforms which distance Montescano from its Pavlovian heritage and traditions. The State Gazette has had the honour to interview Lord Mar d'Israeli and see what made him take this decision and what policies he intends to promote.

Interview with Lord Mar d'Israeli, Viscount of Royan

Q: What made you decide to form a new political faction within Montescano?

A: I believe that the current state of affairs in our society is nothing short of national humiliation, that could only be compared to Germany after WWI. Montescano is the legal successor of Pavlov, the majority of our subjects are ex-Pavlovians; we took over Pavlovian Antarctic claims, we enjoy a similar special bond with Lostisland. Our values are Pavlovian values, and if not for Pavlov, we wouldn’t even exist today. Simply put, Montescano is Pavlov — albeit in a new iteration.

But it’s a Pavlov that lost her splendor. We relinquished our imperial dignity and chose a new name (both were mistakes in my opinion). We pay too much attention to foreign affairs and neglect our heritage.

The Empire of Pavlov was one of the most interesting micronations that ever existed, with a unique culture and touch. The anniversary of foundation of the Empire of Pavlov, celebrated in 2015, even today — five years after taking place! — holds the record for largest intermicronational meeting in Russia, and not even Lostisland managed to beat it. We owe our existence to the Pavlovian culture, which to this day continues to unify us.

This culture is under threat. With each day Pavlovianness is being erased from our society, and we’re on the verge of becoming just an average micronation with a constitutional monarchy. This is what I stand against, this is why I founded Pavlovian Strength.

Q: What is it that makes you think Pavlovian heritage is under threat?

A: Pavlovian values are those of faith, autocracy, sacrifice, and martyrdom. Our society is becoming increasingly accustomed to modernism and foreign involvement, and thank God we’re not a democracy yet, but we’re heading in this direction. When new subjects join Montescano, who don’t have any relation to historical Pavlov and are indifferent to the values she was built upon, they bring even more foreign elements to our society. The day they become a majority, Pavlovianness will be lost forever.

Q: How would you and your faction work to defend Pavlovianness?

A: First of all, we’ll put forward a law criminalizing the denigration of Pavlovianness, and another law proclaiming the preservation of Pavlovianness our national priority. We’ll demand to reevaluate our foreign policy and pull out of YAMO’s. We’ll call for the reimplementation of Pavlovian laws: most importantly the Edict of Kolchaksaray, the ban on shaving, on not drinking vodka, and the Women Protection Act, among others, and the establishment of the Flat Earth theory as official and the only allowed in Montescano; we'll also push for the restoration of the Order of the Flat Earth. We’ll call for the reestablishment of Pavlovian institutions, such as the Holy Inquisition and the Oprichnina, charged with prosecuting crimes against faith. Most importantly however, we believe that it’s the people of Pavlov who made Pavlov great, so we plan to get in touch with former Pavlovian citizens not involved with Montescano, and urge them to join our community. Our end goal is the restoration of Pavlov of 2015, in all her glory, where not a shred of modernism was present, and when this happens we’ll happily dissolve ourselves and submit to the authority of the Monarch, alongside all the other factions, for they have no place in an autocratic society.

Q: Would you be able to name any of the former Pavlovians you would be interested in seeing return?

A: In an ideal situation all former Pavlovians will eventually rejoin and be part of this glorious nation once again; however, it’s still too early to mention any specific names as I haven’t yet discussed this with any of them. But I can say that our priority will be arranging a new real-life reunion of citizens, and we’ll obviously be primarily interested in those who are able and willing to attend.

Q: Do you believe have much support within Montescano?

A: I believe that every Montescanin patriot who loves our country and wants to see it prosper will support our ideology.

And of those who won’t, I’ll ask: what is more dear to you — seeking momentary praise from younger and insignificant foreign micronations, or following the will of Almighty God, who distinguished Pavlov, made us the Light among Nations and the Third Rome?

Q: What are your thoughts on the other faction, the Optimates, and their rule so far?

A: We generally agree with the Optimates on most issues, but they stop short of advocating a return to our golden era, which is the cornerstone of our ideology, and our approach is that more drastic measures need to be taken. Still, I can foresee they’ll support many of our initiatives and other way round.

Q: Thank you for the great pleasure of allowing us to interview you, Lord Mar d'Israeli. Do you have any closing words you would wish to add?

A: Fear not what others think of you. Worship God, defend the Monarch, love the Fatherland. There isn't another nation like ours on this Flat Earth.