New website launched

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New website launched

15 July 2019

NIEUWENDAM - 16 July 2019. After a month of preliminary studies and a week of construction, the new website for Montescano has been presented.

Developed to replace the temporary Wordpress site, the new one was totally re-written, and comes with a responsive design and multiple features, such as:

  • New Subjectship Application Form – contrary to the form used on the old website, which no longer complied with the immigration requirements of Montescano  implemented on the new website Subjectship Application Form provides simple, yet effective way of applying for Montescanesque non-residential subjectship to anyone interested.
  • New content – as stated above, content for the new website has been written from scratch, most notably the History page for which various researches were done and which now contains the most detailed and accurate information about the history of Montescano.

While the website is already considered as open to general public, minor updates still will be following, including the addition of new pages and if necessary, troubleshooting. The Principality would appreciate any feedbacks on the new website through the Contact form.