Metropolitan Cyril (V) Hennadijevych responds to Posadnyk Drakonov

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Metropolitan Cyril (V) Hennadijevych responds to Posadnyk Drakonov

29 January 2020

Having read the passive aggressive response of the Right Honourable Posadnyk Lord Krištof Slavomirovych Drakonov, Marquess of Asenhorod, to my interview and the establishment of Pavlovian Strength, I feel compelled to deliver a response to his poorly concealed accusations.


First of all, I can’t but take note that our head of government evidently doesn’t know much history of his own country, because in the middle of a debate over who is more traditionalist and more loyal to Pavlovian values, he seems to have forgotten who is he talking about.


Not only I’ve already been a citizen of Pavlov far before he discovered our existence – I’m the one who founded Pavlov together with our Monarch. The Pavlovian laws and traditions that we now take for granted – and that our Posadnyk claims to be defending – were conceived by me and the Monarch together, and many of them, such as the ban on shaving, on communism, on not drinking vodka, the reintroduction of the Julian Calendar, the Women Protection Act, our support of the Flat Earth theory, the creation of the Pavlovian Inquisition – were in fact my initiatives, supported by the Pavlovian Monarch. By claiming to defend Pavlovian heritage, our Posadnyk talks about my heritage, or heritage in the development of which I had played no small part far before he even found out that it exists. This will hopefully settle the debate over which faction – the Optimates or the Pavlovian Strength – is more in its right to claim lineage to Pavlovianness, and whether liberal ideas are more likely to be incoming from me – the architect of Pavlovian conservatism and the Primate of the Montescanin Orthodox Church – or from our Posadnyk who demonstrates poor knowledge of Pavlovian history, further example of what we can see below.


Lord Krištof has accused me of setting up a liberal economic entity in Montescano, and thus questioned my traditionalism. It seems that our Posadnyk is in a need of a history lesson. The direct predecessor of Vorstelijke Mar D'Israeli van Royan Bank – Eerste Pavlov – was founded as early as in March 2013 and is an unalienable part of the Pavlovian tradition itself. The bank was re-established in November 2014 under my leadership and for the purpose of funding the Holy Inquisition, and while it is understandable that our Posadnyk wouldn’t be very well-versed in those events, given that he was 13 y.o. at the time, but before demonstrating such a blatant ignorance of Pavlovian history he could have at least paid a visit to MicroWiki. It is also worth noting that the reestablishment of Eeerste Pavlov as Vorstelijke Mar D'Israeli van Royan Bank was the initiative of none other than our Monarch himself, which leads me to question whether our Posadnyk also believes the Monarch is pursuing economic liberalism, and simply doesn’t dare to openly say it.


Lord Krištof’s remark about “foreign elements in our country [who] work to ensure the interest and influence of a different state”, which are “absolutely unacceptable and could be considered a treason” – clearly directed at myself and Lostisland – is also worth responding to. Lostisland is not “foreign” to Montescano, but a closest ally where our Monarch is Prime Minister, which has been going hand-to-hand with all the iterations of Pavlov since 2013, and without which not only the history of Pavlov would have been drastically different, as previously demonstrated, but even our Posadnyk would have found himself in a totally different situation. The Vəlāyat of Nazir, of which our Posadnyk became Vali in 2017, was originally founded by none other than Jaroslav Andrziewsky – my personal friend, at the time Supreme Judge of Lostisland and the Grand Inquisitor of Pavlov, and would have therefore never been established had I not invited him to join those micronations. The next time our Posadnyk takes a look at the Flag of Nazir, he may want to remember it was designed by none other than the person whose loyalty he now puts on doubt.


Lord Krištof has called the reestablishment of the Order of the Flat Earth “a purely decorative and not functional element”, and his support for the heretical idea that Earth is a globe is well-known. Is he not afraid to get himself excommunicated, that he insults not only the Primate of the Montescanin Orthodox Church, but even our holy faith itself? Does Lord Krištof think that Pavlovian Traditionalism is only limited to opposing same sex “marriage”? Does he not know that the belief in a Flat Earth, as commanded by the Scripture, was the cornerstone of our ideology? Of course, he does not, for he was no part of the ideology to begin with.



Lord Krištof promises to “sort out our Ecclesial policy”; fine, but does he remember who was the first Metropolitan of the Pavlovian Orthodox Church and an adopted son of the Grand Prince of Pavlov, during whose tenure all the infidels had been expelled from the realm, while now they’re galore? Can the Right Honourable Posadnyk explain how can his faction promote Christianity and the worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ when his right hand and deputy leader of the faction is a Mohamedan? As the Metropolitan of the Montescanin Orthodox Church, I strongly advise the non-Christian members of our society to seek baptism in the name of Father, Son,  and the Holy Spirit, and only then, when they’re members of our  One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, which alone is the road to salvation, to consider entering politics.


He claims that while the Optimates “were founded mainly just to better organize the current leadership”, Pavlovian Strength directly profited from the act we criticize and “by utilising it to create a new political faction”. In response, I’d like to quote what I said in an interview to The Pavlovian Pravda in October 2014, in my capacity as Metropolitan of the Pavlovian Orthodox Church and Chairman of the National-Orthodox Pavlovian Nobles’ Party:


At the National-Orthodox Pavlovian Nobles’ Party, we believe that the Pavlovian well-being, culture, and even statehood, is in a serious danger. Within the state, we can hear voices of those who dare to criticize the existing political course, the Edict of Kolchaksaray, even the Grand Prince himself and his decisions. After the Pavlovian Orthodox Church, which I was entrusted by God to guide, and the Grand Prince, whom we all greatly respect and admire, did so much to counter perversion and infidelity that plagued the country, it is absolutely unacceptable that our efforts be destroyed by a group of fifth columnists and traitors to motherland, who seek to ruin the very sacred of Pavlovian nationhood, who pledged themselves to the forces of inferno. They hide under the guise of populist slogans and some weak souls even listen to their wormtongues, dropping out the womb of the Mother Church and betraying the country that suckled them. This is why I, a person born for prayers, not for the intrigues of politicking, albeit strongly opposing the concept of political parties and democracy in general, had no choice but to establish the National-Orthodox Pavlovian Nobles’ Party and offer my candidacy for the upcoming National Election.


After more than five years, I still stand by my every word. No, Lord Krištof: we’re not a “new faction”, and I’m as opposed to democracy now as I was in 2014. But just like in 2014, when I founded a political party when our identity was at risk despite being opposed to elections, I’m doing it now. You joined Pavlov, because you liked how the Monarch and me designed and built it – not other way round. Remember it the next time it occurs to you to question my dedication to Pavlovianness and debate who of us is more loyal to our roots. 


That’s why I established Pavlovian Strength. That’s why I believe Pavlovian values are under threat – because I was the one developing them. The Optimates may have good ideas, but they’re merely dwellers in a building of which we’re the architects. Nobody other than me – the ideologist of Pavlovian identity, faithful son of the Pavlovian Church, servant of God and the person who on behalf of Pavlov arranged the largest micronational gathering in the history of Russia – could help our Monarch restore the nation to her former glory. Nobody else even remembers what it was like. 


That’s why I trust that all patriotic citizens will support our movement. And that’s how – in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ – we’ll Make Pavlov Great Again.