Regent revokes laws, return to Principality status


Regent revokes laws, return to Principality status

29 April 2020

BRATISLAVA 29 April 2020 - Regent van Achterbergen (the Previous Posadnyk Lord Kristof Drakonov) has signed a decree into law revoking numerous laws passed by the Council of State by two members of the now former "Pavlovian Strength" faction.

The following Acts were revoked:

  • 1 Dion. al. 18 “Regulating Political Factions”
  • 1 Dion. al. 23 “Establishing East Slavic name customs in Montescano”
  • 1 Dion. al. 24 “Relaxing legislation of establishing Political factions”
  • 1 Dion. al. 25 “Pavlovianness act”
  • 1 Dion. al. 28 “Adopting the title of Tsesar”
  • 1 Dion. al. 35 “Dominions act”
  • 1 Dion. al. XL “Anti-Popery act”
  • 1 Dion. al. XLII “Ban of Degenerate holidays”
  • 1 Dion. al. XXXVIII “Anti-Degeneracy act”

It furthermore disestablished the Statute of the Tsardom of Montescano, which according to Regent van Achterbergen was passed illegally. The new Statute was passed by the Council of State, but since it the original Statute was passed as a Princely ordinance, only another Princely ordinance may revoke or amend it.

By the same degree, Regent van Achterbergen signed into force the May 2020 Statute of the Principality of Montescano to replace the old and not-compatible 2019 Statute.

The full degree can be read here.