Disclaimer about titles

Montescano's titles are recognized by ZERO world governments.

Montescanesque titles are not "real" titles! They are real in the sense that they are not fake foreign titles of nobility, but because they are issued by a micronation unrecognized by other governments it is best to not see them as a "real" title of nobility.

At this point there is no way for a foreigner (ie non-citizen) to become a Montescanesque noble, this might change in the future by which it could be possible to receive a title by donating to the treasury.

As such We would like to tell you upfront - not to discourage from donating - but because we do not want to give you the impression that our titles are in reality more than a few pieces of paper (and essentially worthless in day to day life). Montescanesque titles do not come with land grants and do not give automatic citizenship to the holder.

We are not advocating that any of our titleholders use their title for fraudulent purposes (or in general at all). In fact, we downright discourage it! In some countries, usage of non-government created titles can be a criminal offense, so please check local laws before waving your new certificate around on the street.

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact us.