Frequently asked questions

Let's answer all the questions you probably have about us.

Q: What is the Principality of Montescano?

A: A sovereign state located on land strips in the United Kingdom, Slovakia and the Netherlands.

Q: Is it legal?

A: Not a single law in the world forbids the creation of a new state: an authority able to issue such law simply doesn’t exist.

Q: Are you recognized?

A: As of now, we aren’t, and for this reason also our documents have no validity outside the Principality. However, the existence of a state isn’t dependent on whether it’s recognized or not.

Q: How do I obtain citizenship and what benefits does it entail?

A: In principle only residents of the Principality are granted subjectship (citizenship). In some cases we may grant a person non-residential subjectship, based on the ability of the person to contribute to the growth or Montescano. You can apply on our website.

Q: Why is Montescano a monarchy?

A: We are supporters of the system of governance named “monarchy”. Not only because of her biblical base but also because it is the only alternative to mob rule.

Q: How do I get a title of Nobility?

A: If that is what you are looking for, than the answer would be No. Title collecters are not welcome here.

Q: Are you affiliated with the municipality of Montescano (Pavia).

A: No. The Principality of Montescano has no connection to the municipality other than sharing a name with it. Likewise, we’re not the government of the Italian city of Montescano, to which we don’t lay a claim.

The Principality of Montescano is, as mentioned above, an unrecognized state, meaning that our documents aren’t recognized either.