Meet the team

Montescano is run by a team of dedicated professionals, who provide for a smooth and efficient management of the organization.

The Team

HSH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy

HSH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy

HSH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy is the founder and the first (and only) head of state of the Principality of Montescano. As Sovereign Prince, Dionisiy is not only the face of the tiny Principality but also the guardian of the Subjects ("members") of Montescano. Albeit his powers are according to the Statute in theory unlimited, he authorized the Landtag to exercise a lot of his prerogatives on his behalf.

A new Monarch in 2019?

Dionisiy holds the title of Sovereign Prince, but never uses this title outside the wider "new nation project" community. As a Monarchist project, it would be unthinkable to start a "new nation" and establish it without a Monarch. The 3 co-founders unanimously elected Dionisiy the new Monarch of the project.

email: sovereignprince[at]

Lord Krishtof von Drakon, Marquis of Asenovgrad

Lord Krishtof von Drakon is a co-founder and the Chancellor of Montescano. As the Chancellor, he is tasked with leading the Landtag, the legislative body of the Principality. He is keen on monarchist and traditional Christian values, as they are the basis of Montescano and of a functional society.

email: vondrakon[at]

Lord Krishtof von Drakon, Marquis of Asenovgrad

NB: Montescanesque titles are not "real" noble titles. They can not be used outside of the Montescanesque community or the larger "new nation" community.