Why Montescano?

What is so great about Montescano and why was it created?

In short: Montescano is a "new nation project" and socio-cultural project based on the ideals of Christianity, Mediterranean culture and hereditary monarchy. It was created in early 2019 by HSH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy, Lord Krishtof von Drakon and Lord Hasan Çakar as an alternative to mob rule with democracy and republicanism and so-called "liberal values". Our rejection of republicanism places the monarch in a position with the important burden of the actual care and well being of his subjects.

1. Montescano tries to maintain the traditions of hereditary executive Monarchy which are nearly extinct

In Montescano we see hereditary monarchy as the only viable alternative to "mob rule" (i.e. democracy and / or republicanism). The Monarch not only is the chief executive of the project, he also is the symbol of Montescanesque liberty from other states.

2. Montescano tries to build a society in which the traditional rule of law is revised

We believe the traditional rule of law is tainted, while in theory it surely sounds like a fair system, in reality it is far from that. Traditional governments usually try to set the public debate in a certain way and even going as far as picking specific judges for specific cases based on their personal opinions.

3. Montescano upholds traditional Christian values and does not bow to "social liberalism"

Unlike many other European states, Montescano does not feel the need to bow to "social liberalism" in the form of safe spaces, pride weeks and the lot. In Montescano, over 60% of the participants identify as Christians of some sort, as such we feel that we should protect their values.

4. Montescano does not look to make a profit

We are not here to make a profit. Montescano, does and will not in any way tax their participants. While private voluntary donations are welcome, and certain memorabilia can be purchased, Montescano does not ask for involuntary "grants" of money in any kind.

5. Montescano values the individual skills of her participants

Montescano helps their participants grow their personal skills. Do you find it interesting to design Coat of arms, Our herald will give you advise and work together with you? Fancy a career in journalism? Try out your skills on our national blog.